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Welcome on the website of the Dutch Orders and Decorations Research Society (NL: Studiekring Ridderorden en Onderscheidingen / SRO)

Members are studying form and history of orders, decorations and medals. This branche of study is called “Phaleristic”.


You are invited to look into our program and to order publications in our Webshop (which are in Dutch language).




Report of


12 October International

Phaleristic Convention


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Closing date copy Decorare 31


15 May 2014




The Lombokcross  ->more


Gouden Koorden -> more



Decorare (twice/yr)  -> more





1 Military Order of William  -> more


2 TMPT Cross -> more


3 Honorary Medals of The Patriots Era -> more


4 Medals on postage stamps -> more

Report of last meeting june 2013


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-> meer

Decorare 29 (june 2013, 58 pages)

can be ordered in our  webshop




Breaking News


Knight MWO is alive!

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