The Studiekring Ridderorden en Onderscheidingen (SRO) or Research Association for Knighthoods and Decorations promotes the study and accumulation of knowledge on the subject of knightly and chivalric orders, military and civilian decorations, and other decorations. The SRO is the association for collecting, sharing and disseminating phaleristic information in the Netherlands..









The research field of phaleristics is interesting from various angles. The decorations themselves are often beautiful objects, sometimes made of precious metal and enamel. The fabrication and ribbon can be an area of research in itself. The appearance of an awards often has its own significance. Here phaleristics touches on heraldry. In addition, awards are usually awarded to individuals. It is interesting to investigate why someone is awarded an decoration and what the person's background is. Here phaleristics touches on genealogy. Finally, awards are often awarded for special achievements or for special historical events. Here phaleristics touches on history. In short, a varied and exciting area with many interesting research opportunities.

Research Association


Since its foundation in 1993 like-minded people have come together at the SRO. Members meet in the city of Zeist four times a year to share knowledge and information. Presentations are given at the meetings and new publications of the SRO are introduced. Over the years, the Research Association has published various books, papers and twice a year the magazine Decorare is published.

The SRO is co-organizer of phaleristic conferences, such as the seminar on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Military William Order in 2015. The SRO also maintains extensive contacts with phaleristic associations abroad and takes part in international meetings.


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