On Friday morning the party left at 9am to The Hague . There we started with a visit to the Royal Stables. Here we were given a tour by the head of the riders . During this tour many aspects of the stables were being discussed and all kinds of supplies were shown, varying from halters to the Golden Carriage. After this tour it was time for a visit to the Ministry of Defence . There luch was served. Especially for the foreign guests we had Dutch tapas , namely croquettes. On The Ministry a lecture on the Dutch policy on ODM was given. This lecture elaborated further on the Dutch honors system and how the work of Bert Keers( head Phaleristiek of Defense ) exactly is done . The foreign guests seized the moment to ask Bert all kinds of questions. The ins and outs The afternoon program was filled with the walk " 200 years of UK and Orange ". At the end, the group split into two groups and ​under the direction of a guide walked along the palaces and other important buildings and places of Dutch history . During this walk, there was a short stop at the picturesque medalshop van Wielik . Here our foreign guests loved the large collection of all kinds of ODM. After this it was time to return to the hotel in Zeist where the evening was off program.

On Saturday, the regular meeting of SRO was combined with the European meeting. In the morning there was the possibility to walk around the exhibition which consisted of two rooms. One room was full of books from the late Mr. Burger which were for sale. In the other room ODM were on display and for sale or trade.  After lunch it was time for the formal program with the presentation of our new monograph and the Decorare index. After the lectures, there was a small informal drinks and some free time, and the evening was time for the conference dinner. This dinner was held at the Van der Valk hotel. The Dinner was splendidly organised by the hotel.

Sunday morning we left for Apeldoorn to visit the Museum of the Chancellery of the Dutch Orders. This museum opened especially for us in the morning its doors, making it possible our foreign guests to have enough time for a good look. The curator of the museum, Dr. Sanders, was all the time ready to answer questions and provide clarification. Besides visiting the Chancellery Museum there was also the opportunity to visit the rest of The Loo Palace.  

Lunch buffet was served at the hotel Bastion. After lunch, the bus left at 15:00 back towards Zeist, which was the end of a successful seventh edition of the European Phaleristische Meeting.


We hope to see you in Paris next year!


Report on the 7th European Phaleristische Convention

Henk-Willem Veltkamp

On the evening of Thursday, October 9th the seventh edition of the European Phaleristische Meeting started. The reception was held in the bar of the Van der Valk Hotel "The Biltsche Hoek" in Zeist, where our president, Paul Gelton, held an opening speech and gave attendees the opportunity to meet old friends and make new friendships